The IMER Workman II series mixers, should really be called the "work horse"  because of all the different jobs it can do when it comes to mixing. For any job site big or small, where you need concrete one day, block mortar the next, then some stucco the next day, the WORKMAN is the one mixer that can tackle that challenge effortlessly.

The WORKMAN'S unique paddle and drum design gives you very thorough mixing of all types of materials with a speed that other mixers simply cannot match. The belt driven gearbox design is both powerful and very quiet for the most demanding environments. Put down the 4 support legs of the Workman's A frame design and you have the most solid stable mixing platform in the entire industry today.

The WORKMAN'S most amazing feature the extremely affordable price for all the benefits you get. The engineering features and benefits the Workman offers to anyone needing a multi purpose mixer simply cannot be matched by the competition with their 60 year old designs.

Check out these features and compare:

    • Removable drum rotates without noisy external gears
    • No maintenance on the direct gearbox drive
    • Auto-locking dump wheel allows for safe easy one handed operation
    • Comes standard with a mounted spare tire
    • Comes standard with fenders
    • Standard with torsion bar suspension for easy towing
    • Available in gas or electric power
    • 4 adjustable legs to level and stabilize
    • False bottom ejects the material back into the paddles
    • Mix mortar, stucco, grout, concrete
    • Comes with ball hitch adapter 
    • 1 bag (mix of cement, sand and aggregate) for Wkm 250 or 1.5 on the 350
    • 10, 80 lb. bag capacity, Workman 250
    • 16, 80 lb. bag capacity, Workman 350
    • 12, 60 lb. bag capacity, Workman 250  
    • 19, 60 lb. bag capacity, Workman 350
    • 15, 50 lb, bag capacity, Workman 250
    • 25, 50 lb. bag capacity, Workman 350
SPECS Workman II 250 Workman II 350
Drum capacity 9 cubic feet 12 cubic feet
Batch output 6 cubic feet 9.5 cubic feet
Electric motor rating 1.5hp 110v / 220v 1.5hp 110v / 220v
Gas motor 5.5 Honda / 6hp Suburu 5.5 Honda / 6hp Suburu
Drum diameter 27.5" 32.5"
Drum discharge height 27.5" 26.5"
Rubber tire size 20" 20"
Weight 525 lbs. 650 lbs.
Operating dimensions L 72" / H 55" /  W 36" L 76.5" / H 56" / W 37.5"
Shipping dimensions (pallet) L 80" / H 68" / W 50" L 80" / H 72" / W 50"
Type Barrel Barrel Bucket







Barrel Barrel

Power E/G/D

E only E/G E only E only E/G E/G E/G E/G/D

Power 110v E

1/2hp 1/2hp 1/2hp 2hp no no 1.5hp 1.5hp

Power 220v E

No No No No 5hpSP

5hp 1P

7hp 3p

1.5hp 1.5hp
Power Gas No 3hp No No 11hp 13hp 5.5-6hp 5.5-6hp
Power diesel No No No No No No No 6hp
Drum Size 5CF 5CF 14gal 4.25CF 12CF 22CF 9CF 12CF
Batch output CF 2.5CF 2CF 12gal 3 CF 9CF 16CF 6CF 9.5CF
Batch output lbs 275 200 50 200 800 1600 400 600
Weight lbs 120



64 286 800 1700 525 650
Towable No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Removable Drum Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Poly Drum No Yes Yes No No No No No

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  Workman II Series Data Sheet
Workman II 250 Manual
Workman II 350 Manual

IMER Workman II 250/9cf & Workman II 350/12cf Barrel Multi Mixers.

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