1. What is the return policy? - Please click on the link below 

 Equipment and Parts Return Policy – IMER USA Direct

 2. What is the IMER Warranty on Parts and Equipment? -  Please click on the link: 


3. What should I do if my order arrives damaged?

If your IMER Equipment arrives on a freight truck with damage to it please follow these steps:

  1.  If the equipment is on a pallet and the damage is severe you should take photographs immediately then refuse to accept the delivery. If it looks like pieces of the order are missing you need to refuse the order. The reason for the refusal being that once  you accept the order, then you will have to file a claim for the freight company to reimburse you for the damage. 
  2. If the damage is minor then just take photographs before it is unloaded from the truck and then again once it is unloaded. Send those photos to me at "mike@imerusadirect.com" immediately.  We will  then forward to the IMER Group Warehouse in TX
  3. If your New IMER Order arrives in a box, and when you open the box the enclosed equipment or parts is damaged you need to take photos of the damage to the equipment and of the box immediately.