Equipment and Parts Return Policy

What is the IMER USA Direct return policy?  Updated Jan 1, 2024

Returns and refunds of IMER Equipment and Parts are usually handled on an individual customer basis since return circumstances are not always identical and our current return rate is BELOW a 1/4%. 

RULE # 1 - Make sure you are selecting the proper item before your purchase.

RULE # 2 - If you are not sure, call, text, or email us and ask questions before you purchase. 

For any sales made by IMER USA Direct, below are the 6 categories that apply to the return or cancellation of any equipment or parts: 

1. Order Cancellation before shipment - Stock IMER Equipment 

2. Order Cancellation before shipment - Equipment Built to order.

3. Equipment Return after shipment but equipment still in box unused.

4. Equipment Return - Machine unboxed and used within 120 Days of delivery.

5. Parts ordered then canceled before shipment.

6. Parts ordered and shipped - unused within 120 days of delivery. 

Policy 1. The amount of a refund is determined by which category the return request falls into and is for NEW - UNUSED Parts and Equipment Only. 

Policy 2. USED Equipment returns will be handled on an individual basis and may only be allowed if there is an unfixable warranty issue with the equipment. 

Policy 3. USED Parts are not eligible for a return unless there is a warranty defect identified by the IMER USA Tech Department. 

Policy 4.   ALL Equipment and parts being returned will be returned to the IMER USA Corp. Main Warehouse in Southlake Texas at the customers expense before a refund is issued. This may change if the return was an authorized warranty return. 

Policy 5.   If the method of payment was by credit card the customer is responsible for the 3% credit card charges on their order total if the return is not a warranty return. If the payment method was by bank wire or PayPal this 3% will not be charged against the refund. 

Policy 6.   The shipping cost to the customer for either equipment or parts, paid for by the customer, is not eligible for a refund. 

Policy 7:    Any shipping costs paid for by IMER USA Direct for any equipment or large parts orders will be deducted from the eligible refund amount. This will also apply to any fees and surcharges for shipping cancellations. 

Policy 8:  20% Restocking Fee. The general return policy for the IMER USA Corp - Main Warehouse in Southlake Texas is return shipping prepaid by the customer and a 20% restocking fee deducted from the refund amount if the return is within 120 days from the date of delivery. There are no returns available to the IMER Group Warehouse after 120 days. This policy can be verified at the link below.  IMER USA Direct may choose to waive this fee or have this fee waived by IMER Corp. 

Returns - IMER Group | USA (   

(this Policy applies to authorized IMER Dealers who are accepting a return from a customer. IMER Products must be retuned thru the IMER Dealer from whom it was purchased.)

As an authorized IMER Group Dealer, it is necessary for IMER USA Direct to follow the exact same policy as the IMER Group Corp Office in Southlake Texas.   


Policy 9: IMER USA Direct Policy regarding length of time to return IMER USA Direct will do our best to work with each customer and with their individual situation to reach a speedy resolution to their return request.  However IMER USA Direct cannot deviate from the IMER Group policy.  To get a refund less the 20% Re Stocking Fee charged by the IMER Group, the customer must pay the return shipping cost back to the IMER Warehouse in Southlake Texas and have the item arrive within 120 days from the date of delivery to them.  Returns are not allowed after 120 days from receipt of Item. 

How refunds are issued by IMER USA Direct:

Once the IMER equipment or part is returned undamaged and in new condition then, and only then, will a refund will be issued for the calculated dollar amount.

Credit Card Purchases. 

If you paid by credit card depending on the dollar amount and the circumstances the refund could  be sent back onto your card.  This can take 3 to 5 days and we are not responsible for that time frame delay as it is determined by the credit card processing company.  It is possible you will be refund by cashiers check depending on the circumstances of the return. 

Payment by Check or Wire Transfer

If you paid by check or wire transfer, a cashiers check for the refund amount will be issued and sent by USPS Priority Mail to your designated address.   

We appreciate your understanding for the return policy rules and strive to give the best customer service possible.