The new IMER Model 360 E is now available and in stock at the IMER Warehouse in Southlake, Texas. The new 360 model comes with a 220v Single Phase Electric Motor.  Other electric power options may be available by special order. 

The new for 2023 model IMER MIX 360 has a new compact frame deign, a revised paddle system, and comes equipped with a dust grate as standard equipment. The bottom discharge system has been revised for easier maintenance and quicker unloading. 

The IMER MIX 360 vertical shaft mixer is a towable machine designed to mix a variety of materials and do a variety of jobs. It's 9 cubic foot, 800lb, batch output can be for precast mixes with aggregate, dry pack mortar, or masonry stone mortar. IMER built and sold the first vertical shaft towable mixers in America 25 years ago using the principles of concrete batch plant design. Those design principles allow for the paddles to rotate thru the mix rather than lift and drop it as conventional mortar mixers do. This allows the 360 to mix very low slump materials like dry pack mortar and refractory mortar.

The top loading design with hinged grate and safety lock offer unparalleled jobsite and plant safety. The gearbox drive via dual belts and pulleys provides the power to the mixing paddles. Discharge is from a bottom gate which allows for a controlled flow.


MIX 360 Vertical Shaft Mixer
Drum capacity 12 cubic feet
Batch output 9 cubic feet  (est 800lbs )
Gas motor w/ centrifugal clutch 13 hp Honda 
Electric motor  1 phase 220volt 5hp
Drum diameter 38"
Maximum aggregate size 3/8" minus
Discharge outlet height 30"
Pneumatic tires 18"
Weight  800lbs
Dimensions  L x H x W 59" x 58" x 44"
Shipping Pallet Dimensions L x H x W 80" x 56' x 50"
Type Barrel Barrel Bucket







Barrel Barrel

Power E/G/D

E only E/G E only E only E/G E/G E/G E/G/D

Power 110v E

1/2hp 1/2hp 1/2hp 2hp no no 1.5hp 1.5hp

Power 220v E

No No No No 5hpSP

5hp 1P

7hp 3p

1.5hp 1.5hp
Power Gas No 3hp No No 11hp 13hp 5.5-6hp 5.5-6hp
Power diesel No No No No No No No 6hp
Drum Size 5CF 5CF 14gal 4.25CF 12CF 27CF 9CF 12CF
Batch output CF 2.5CF 2CF 12gal 3 CF 9CF 17CF 6CF 9.5CF
Batch output lbs 275 200 50 200 800 1700 400 600
Weight lbs 120



64 286 800 1700 525 650
Towable No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Removable Drum Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Poly Drum No Yes Yes No No No No No
  Mortarman 360 Operations Manual
Mortarman 360 Data Sheet
How to mix User Guide


IMER MIX 360E Plus - 5.5 hp 220volt Single Phase Electric - 12 CF Vertical Shaft Mixer

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