The incredibly sturdy IMER MS 350 14" Masonry Saw is a 14” saw from IMER that can trace its engineering ancestry back to the original Short Cut 350 14” Masonry Saw first introduced by IMER USA in 1993.  This saw has the most accurate and strongest rolling material tray on the market today. 

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  • Compare these features:
    • Largest and most accurate rolling cutting table available on the market today
    • Built in folding leg stand gives sturdy base and makes transport easy
    • Built in roller wheels makes one person movement easy.
    • Sturdy and strong plastic water tray makes clean up a non issue
    • Single side arm mount for motor and blade gives 30' cut 4 3/4" deep
    • 2hp motor runs on 110v 15amp power all day long
    • Sound deadening material inside blade guard cuts down on noise.
    • Super accurate tray rolls on steel diamond shaped bars with nylon rollers
    • Tough high quality powder coated finish
    • Adjustable blade head to maintain accuracy
 Blade diameter 14"
Blade shaft diameter 1"
Electric motor 2hp 110v / 15amps
Max cutting length (with plunge) 26"  (30")
Max cutting depth 4 3/4"
Cutting table dimensions 20" x 16"
Cutting surface height from ground 33.5"
Motor speed 2850 rpm
Weight  (Boxed) 175lbs (215lbs)
Water pan capacity 10 Gallons
Water pump flow 3 gallons per minute
Dimensions L x H x W 47" x 51" x 28.5"

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  Masonry 350 Data Sheet
Masonry 350 Manual

IMER MS 350 - 14" - 110volt - Brick Block & Paver Saw. Available for immediate shipping

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