Shipping and Freight Policy

IMER USA Direct Shipping and Freight Policy - Effective 7-1-22 The huge increase in freight and shipping costs over the last 3 months due to greatly increased fuel costs has required IMER USA DIRECT to update their freight policy. 

Due to the impact of these skyrocketing freight costs, IMER USA Direct has had to make changes to its "Free Shipping" program. The company cannot absorb all the increased freight costs and lose money on orders. We appreciate your understanding in this current situation. 

The details of the NEW 2022 shipping policy are below: 

Free Shipping Policy effective July 1st 2022 

Any order over $750.00 qualifies for free shipping with the following exceptions listed below: 

1. Parts costing over $750.00 but requiring shipping by pallet due to size and weight.  There will be a freight and fuel surcharge added at checkout. 

2. The following IMER Equipment listed below and costing over $750.00 will be subject to a freight allowance of $450.00.  A fuel surcharge of $250.00 will be added to these items at check out. 

  • Minuteman Mixers - Steel and Poly Drum 
  • Wheelman Mixers - Steel and Poly Drum - Gass or Electric 
  • MIX ALL 60 Mixers 
  • MIX 120 Plus Mixers - Both Grate Styles 
  • Combi 250 VA 
  • Combi 250 VA /1000
  • Combi 250 VA/1500
  • MS 350 Masonry Saw 
  • Combi 350/1200 iPower Saw 

3. If an order requires delivery by lift gate, charges will be added based on freight company charges.

4. Destinations designated limited access areas by most freight companies such as Universities, Colleges, and Schools will be subject to a $125.00 limited access charge. 

If you have any questions about these freight policies please email Mike Puleo at