Welcome to IMER USA Direct.

We are your one stop shop and expert source for all things IMER. Thank you for your interest in IMER and giving us an opportunity to earn your business. 

My name is Mike Puleo, and I was IMER USA's first employee and sales person way back in 1992. I spent 11 years working directly for IMER USA all over America and another 12 years as an Independent Rep. for IMER. Since July of 2017 I have been running IMER USA Direct. So a large part of my life has been spent working with and selling IMER's outstanding line of equipment. Making IMER successful in the USA hasn't been just a job, it has been a career and a passion. 

Picture above: Me in 1993 on a job site with the IMER 240 vertical shaft mixer. 

Pictured below: Me in Nov 2015 in Maine, York River Bridge I-95, filling underwater pilings with IMER Prestige pump & CPM Contractors. Same yellow hardhat but a lot more grey and a few pounds heavier!!

Pictured below: Me with Plant Manager Vasco Lucatini in 2006 at the IMER Rapolano factory looking at a new  Combi 250VA.



Pictured above:  I took this picture during a Saturday morning drive around on a trip to the IMER factory in 2000. It shows Mace Coleman, former President of IMER USA, and Silvano Bencini, former Chairman of the IMER Group, having some fun at a job site of old structures being renovated with IMER equipment. 

I have known and worked with Mace Coleman, the founder and former President of IMER USA, since 1986, 4 years before he started IMER USA. I know all the history of the IMER Group and of IMER USA since it the beginning. I know all the products, and all the people involved in developing and building them. 

Pictured above L to R: The late Roberto Coli original IMER founder, , Silvano Bencini original founder and former Chairman of the IMER Group, Mace Coleman, former President and founder of IMER USA, myself, and Dan Steiner of Felker at the main square fountain in San Gimignano after lunch in 1994.

So there is the history in pictures showing the depth of my IMER experience and knowledge so you can understand why I am totally focused on only IMER products for your project or applications here at IMER USA Direct.  

I have personally worked on, operated, and sold every product that IMER makes. That level of experience took me over 20 years to achieve and its not matched by anyone else selling IMER online today. 

I want you to have as many answers as possible about the product you are considering and how it fits for your application before you ever make a decision to buy it.  I believe in the old saying " measure twice cut once" and it's just as true for selecting and buying a piece of equipment. Lets talk about your job or application at length to make sure you are getting the right piece of equipment before you make a decision to buy. Customer satisfaction comes from helping a customer make the right buying decision based on their needs not a need just to sell something. 

My many years of hands on job site experience operating all the IMER products, give you that knowledge to draw on. That, plus personal and IMER factory relationships that no other website can offer, is the main reason there is no need to go anywhere else. Our prices are as competitive as anyone on the web but we can offer how to knowledge that no one else can. 

If for some reason I can't answer your questions about your application then I can call on my close friend of over 20 years, Robert Bacarella.  After many years as the top IMER sales rep in America, Robert is now the CEO of IMER USA and now in charge of growing the company here in in the USA and selling the great new pumps and lifts from the IMER Group.   I have known and worked with Robert personally for almost 20 years and we have worked together on many job site projects involving the pumps and mixers. He had over 18 years experience as a Sales Rep for IMER before being appointed CEO in April 2019 and has extensive knowledge of all the IMER products and applications. If the two of us can't answer your IMER question then no one in the world can. 

The BOTTOM LINE is no one can help you with your project, answer your questions about your job or application, or give you the 24/7 after sale support and training required for success better then I can. Just call around and ask questions of other companies who sell IMER products and you will see why we are the semi factory sales website. 

We are IMER ONLY 24/7 and I am available 24/7 to help you before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. 

I hope you will choose us, you won't be disappointed.