IMER Diesel & Electric Pumps to Mix - Pump - Spray All Materials

IMER builds the most advanced product line of material pumps and sprayers available today. The range of pumps come in different sizes and power configurations based on your material and application. The power sources range from 110v & 220v electric motors to advanced Tier 4 final diesel engines.

Rotor/Stator Pumps: IMER offers several types of rotor/stator pumps, both portable and towable, some with built in mixers, and some with built in or optional compressors for spraying. These pumps can be used for a wide variety of applications and with a wde variety of materials. You can pump or spray the following:

  •  Self-Leveling Underlayment 
  • Cementitious stucco's
  • Fireproofing
  • High strength repair mortars
  • Block filling grouts
  • Epoxy mortars
  • Synthetic stucco's and paints

IMER Hydraulic Diesel Pumps: For pumping concrete IMER offers a diesel pwered, S-valve, twin piston, hydraulic pump . Designed to be compact but powerful, The IMER Booster 15 is perfect for feeding from a transit mixer, making it an ideal solution for all types of concrete pumping applications.

The Booster 15 also is available in a Shotcreting version. 

Testing the Koine 4 high flow at Sika in NJ