NO LONGER AVAILABLE EFFECTIVE MARCH 2024 - To be replaced Mid Summer 2024 by Step Up 120 220v Dual Phase 

The IMER Step Up 120 is a towable but very compact sized pump suited for very unique pumping situations and environments. With the OPTIONAL  MIX 120 - 3.2CF vertical shaft mixer positioned above the hopper, mixing specialty pre mixed bagged materials is fast and easy. With the OPTIONAL  IMER 9CFM Air Compressor,  the SU120 is a very versatile spray machine. Whether spraying specialty mortars, repair materials, fire proofing, or spraying stucco, the IMER Step Up 120 Pump & Spray machine is versatile high performance machine. Its 220v single phase electric motor allows variable speed operation in many different environments. 

  • Look at these features
    • Integrated power panel runs mixer, pump, air compressor. ( with Opional Compressor installed )
    • Air switch from spray gun allows spray gun operator control on off flow operation of pump ( With Optional Compressor )
    • OPTIONAL - 3.2 CF MIX 120 vertical shaft mixer drops directly into hopper and is wired for integrated 220v operation
    • Torsion bar axle for safe smooth towing
  • Standard Equipment included with every Step up 120 - 220v Single Phase Electric Pump
    • 220v Single Phase Electric control panel with power inverter
    • Variable flow speed control
    • IM25L rotor/stator
    • Standard Safety Grate 
    • Tow Kit 
    • Accessory tool box 
    • 66 Ft Super heavy duty 220v power cord
  • Optional Equipment
    • MIX 120 Vertical Shaft Mixer with Dust Control Grate wired for integrated 220v operation 
    • IMER 9 CFM Air Compressor 220V SP
    • Spray Gun Kits for conventional or premixed mortars, repair grouts, and Fireproofing. ( no aggregate )
    • 35mm Material Hose x 33ft Length with M/F Cam Lock ends
    • 100’ of 13mm (9/16) Air Hose with Geka Syle quick couplings 
    • 5 ft pole gun for spraying fireproofing 
    • Wired remote (single phase only)
    • Vibrating grate (both)
    • 2L6 rotor/stator - increases pressure reduces volume (both)
    • 60.12 rotor/stator - high volume (3 phase)


    Step Up 120 Pump with Mixer 220v Single Phase 220v Three Phase
    Pump motor power rate 3hp 5hp low/6.5hp high
    Mixer motor power rate 2hp 1.5 hp
    Electric compressor 1hp / 9cfm 3hp / 11cfm
    Max aggregate size with IM 25L rotor/stator 3/8" 3/8"
    Maximum material flow rate (cubic yards) 2 / hour 1.35/2.75 / hour
    Horizontal pumping distance* 130 feet 200 feet
    Vertical pumping distance 50 feet 100 feet
    Pump hopper capacity 4.25 cubic feet 4.25 cubic feet
    Mixer drum capacity 4.25 cubic feet 4.25 cubic feet
    Dimensions W x L x H (inches)  32 / 80 / 50 32 / 80 / 50
    Weight 888lbs 900lbs

    IMER PUMP S50 K35 K4 S1201P S120 3P S120a Prestige Booster15

    Pumping System


    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Pumping System Hydraulic Piston No No No No No No No Yes
    Optional Rotor/Stator Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Portable Y Y Y No No No No No
    Towable No No No Y Y Y Y Y

    Power Electric

    110v 220v 220v3p 220v 1p 220v 3p 220 3p NA NA
    Power Diesel NA NA NA NA NA NA Diesel Diesel
    Horsepower 1.75 5  10       3 5L / 6.5H 10 20 35

    Flow Rate

    Cubic Yards / Hour

    ***** ***** ******       2




    2L6 stator



    Flow Rate

    Cubic Feet / Hour





    ********* ********* ******** *********** *****
    Hose Size MM 25/19 25/35 25/35 50/35 50/35 50/35 50/35 4 inch
    Max Aggregate Size 1/4" 1/8" 1/8"







    1/4" 2L6

    3/8" IM25L

    Built in mixer No





    Yes VS


    Yes VS



    Yes Hyd


    Built in Compressor No Y Y Y Y No Y No
    Optional Compressor Y No No No No No No No
    Compressor Flow Rate 9cfm 9cfm 9cfm      9cfm   11cfm NA 14 cfm NA
    Built in Power Washer No No No No No No Y Y
    Built in Water Pump No Y Y No No No No No
    Water Metering System No Y Y No No No Optional No
    Hopper Capacity Cubic feet 1.75   4   4   4.25    4.25  4.25      7       7
    Weight ( lbs ) 152 561 561 888 900 616 1653 3100
    IMER Pump S50 K35 K4 S120 1P S120 3P S120a Prestige Booster15
    Field Mixed Mortar Y No No Y Y Y Y No
    Pre Blended Mortar Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Repair Mortar (Spray) Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
    Repair Mortar (Pump) Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Self Leveling Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Slab Jacking Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Grout Injection Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Epoxy Grout Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
    Tuckpointing Y No No No No No No No
    Fire Proofing Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
    Field Mixed Stucco Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
    Pre Blended Stucco Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
    Synthetic Stucco Y No No No No No No No
    -3/8" Aggregate Grout No No No No Y Y Y Y
    3/4"  Concrete No No No No No No No Y
    Ready Mix Shotcrete No No No No No Y No Y

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    Step Up 120 Data Sheet
      Step Up 120 Manual
    2018 Pump Catalog

    IMER Step Up 120 Single Phase 220volt Electric Pump - Discontinued March 2024 - New version 120 Pump Mid summer 2024

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