The 12 cubic foot capacity Multi-Mix 350 is IMER’s newest portable mixer for mixing mortars, stucco, concrete, or grout. 

 The Multi-Mix 350 is a high volume ( 9.5 CF Output) whisper quiet 110v electric barrel mixer that can be easily used in limited access spaces indoors or ideal for testing labs. 

Though mounted on frame similar to the Workman 350, the Multi Mix 350 is more like the big brother of the Wheelman and Minuteman portable electric mixers but with triple the capacity. The Multi Mix 350 retains the high mixing efficiency paddle and inner drum design as the Workman 350 and also has the same ability as the Workman for the drum to be easily removed. 

Designed and built to be compact and easy to move and store, The Multi Mix 350 solves the typical maintenance problems of bigger traditional barrel mixers with noisy outer gear rings, by having its electric motor and drive system located in the arm of the frame. The 1.5 horsepower 110volt electric motor uses a short belt to a reduction gearbox to drive the 12 cubic foot capacity barrel at 35 rpms. This system gives very quiet maintenance free performance. 


This Mixer qualifies for a $600.00 freight credit. An additional payment up to $350.00 may be required for shipping and delivery after order placement. This will be assessed once a shipping cost estimate to the delivery address is obtained.  We apologize for this change, but the reasons are explained and can be read by clicking on our freight policy above. 

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IMER 12 CF Multi MIX 350 Syntesi - Portable 110volt Electric Mixer for Concrete, Mortar, & Grout.

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