The next generation IMER Koine 4 continuous mixer - pump is the big brother of the IMER  Koine 35, and designed to give more volume and production. The Koine 4 is used almost exclusively for mixing and pumping wall grouts and self-leveling underlayments for those projects where you need tremendous production. 

The Koine 4 can dramatically cut down on your labor as it can easily handle the work of 2-3 mixers and runners walking with buckets back and forth hundreds of feet each way. Just set the water volume to the desired consistency, keep feeding it bags and let it run. Every bag will be consistent from start to finish with no cold joints. 

A 7.5hp, 220V, 3 phase motor drives the gearbox, main shaft, mixing paddle, rotor, and standard turbo mixer. An upgraded 1hp water booster pump is included to boost the water pressure and flow and also siphon water from a tank if needed. Boosting the water provides a surplus in which a regulator injects the water into the mixing chamber at a controlled rate. The water booster pump is also used to flush out the hoses so that your quick setting materials do not set up. Insert a sponge ball, connect the hose, open the valve and catch the sponge ball on the other end. This flushes out and cleans your hoses in under a minute. 

An optional wired remote control is available with the Koine 4 to allow the start and stop of the pump from over 100' away. This comes in handy when you need to see how much flow is filling up your void or floor. 

The hopper and feeding wheel can handle up to 9 - 50 lb.bags of dry material at one time, delivering dry material at a constant rate to the mixing chamber to be mixed and then pumped out. If you need to stop for a break or end of day you can leave the dry, unmixed material in the hopper – just switch off the feeding wheel and use out what is in the mixing chamber. 

The new upgraded Koine 4 comes standard with a R8 rotor and stator, turbo mixer with pressure gauge, toolbox, cleaning tool, 33' of 35mm hose, power cord, water hose and miscellaneous parts and connections. Add more hose to get closer to where you need the material. 

If the situation arises, a optional dual diaphragm compressor can be added as well as a gun kit as the unit is plumbed for it. The compressor is used to spray mortars, stucco, plasters, etc. 

  • No one can match all these features:
    • Gear driven continuous feed impeller wheel provides dry material to mixing chamber
    • Dust control grate with vacuum port helps eliminate dust.
    • Upgraded self priming water pump can pull water from external tank, no water hook up required.
    • Upgraded 2500 liter per hour water system allows for precisely metered flow for different materials based on requirements.
    • Once set up with the correct water flow for a particular material the water system will deliver the same mix all day long. 
    • Easy clean up mixing chamber with different material paddles available
    • Switchable 3 phase connection via phase converter switch for forward and reverse
    • Only 27 inches wide to fit thru any doorway
    • Pump up to 300+ feet away.
    • Pump self leveling underlayments or fill blocks with grouts.
    • Three phase 220v, 7.5 hp motor with 410 RPM gear reduction drive system to the paddle
    • Low 36" hopper loading height
  • Each IMER Koine 4 comes standard with:
    • R8 Rotor / Stator with drive tab for Turbo Mixer
    • Turbo mixer with pressure gauge
    • Hi Flow mixing chamber with standard mixing paddle
    • Dust control grate over hopper and feeding wheel.
    • Water booster pump with advanced adjustable water flow system
    • Powerful 100% duty cycle high torque motor
    • 130' of electrical cord
    • 130' of 3/4" water hose
    • 33' of 35mm / 1-3/8" material hose
    • Hose cleaning kit with tool box
    • Mixing chamber clean out tool



Specifications Koine 4 
Power supply 220v 3phase
Total machine power HP 9hp
Mixing and pumping motor HP 7.5
Feeding impeller wheel motor HP 1
Electric compressor 1HP- 9cfm V-stroke Optional
Variable speed material flow No
Material flow rate cubic feet per hour 169 CFH
50lb bags per minute flow rate 5 - 7
Maximum pumping distance 35mm (1-3/8") hose  feet 300+
Hopper capacity 50lb bags 9
Loading height  inches 36
Dimensions   width/length/height    29"/47"/61.5"
Weight  475 lbs
IMER PUMP S50 K35 K4 S1201P S120 3P S120a Prestige Booster15

Pumping System


Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Pumping System Hydraulic Piston No No No No No No No Yes
Optional Rotor/Stator Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Portable Y Y Y No No No No No
Towable No No No Y Y Y Y Y

Power Electric

110v 220v 220v3p 220v 1p 220v 3p 220 3p NA NA
Power Diesel NA NA NA NA NA NA Diesel Diesel
Horsepower 1.75 5  10       3 5L / 6.5H 10 20 35

Flow Rate

Cubic Yards / Hour

***** ***** ******       2




2L6 stator



Flow Rate

Cubic Feet / Hour





********* ********* ******** *********** *****
Hose Size MM 25/19 25/35 35 50/35 50/35 50/35 50/35 4 inch
Max Aggregate Size 1/4" 1/8" 1/8"







1/4" 2L6

3/8" IM25L

Built in mixer No





Yes VS


Yes VS



Yes Hyd


Built in Compressor No Y No Y Y No Y No
Optional Compressor Y No Y No No No No No
Compressor Flow Rate 9cfm 9cfm 9cfm      9cfm   11cfm NA 14 cfm NA
Built in Power Washer No No No No No No Y Y
Built in Water Pump No Y Y No No No No No
Water Metering System No Y Y No No No Optional No
Hopper Capacity 


  9 50lb

   9   50lb

  4.25    4.25  4.25      7       7
Weight ( lbs ) 152 561 475 888 900 616 1653 3100
IMER Pump S50 K35 K4 S120 1P S120 3P S120a Prestige Booster15
Field Mixed Mortar Y No No Y Y Y Y No
Pre Blended Mortar Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Repair Mortar (Spray) Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Repair Mortar (Pump) Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Self Leveling Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Slab Jacking Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Grout Injection Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Epoxy Grout Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Tuckpointing Y No No No No No No No
Fire Proofing Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Field Mixed Stucco Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Pre Blended Stucco Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Synthetic Stucco Y No No No No No No No
-3/8" Aggregate Grout No No No No Y Y Y Y
3/4"  Concrete No No No No No No No Y
Ready Mix Shotcrete No No No No No Y No Y

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  Koine 4 Data Sheet
Koine 4 Manual
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IMER Koine 4 Hi-FLOW Continuous Mixer / Pump. - 208v 3 phase electric

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