The Carry 107 from IMER is the ultimate limited access self propelled ride on hauler. The only unit with a built in loading shovel, the Carry 107 is a super productive 1 person machine. With it's 31" width it will fit through the narrowest of backyard gates or interior doors. It's rubber track undercarriage spreads out the weight so lawns and floors aren't damaged. It has a full range of accessories to make it super versatile. 

    • Save your back and on labor by using the loading shovel
    • Move a yard of material in under 3 trips
    • Go up or down hilly terrain
    • Fit through gates and doorways
    • Auxiliary ports for attachments  

Optional Equipment:

  • Self Loading Shovel 
  • Dump Platform with opening sides
  • Concrete Mixer L250 and Self Loading Shovel 
  • Leveling Blade Kit 
  • High Tip Bucket with Self Loading Shovel  

The Carry 107 TT is ideal for around construction sites and also around the yard or farm. Carry more than 2X what you can with a traditional wheelbarrow. The effectiveness is even more apparent when you need to climb a hill or even side hill lie. The real labor savings is the self-loading shovel (optional) that can scoop 2 - 3 cubic feet of material per scoop. It would take 30 - 40 traditional shovels to fill the hopper otherwise.


Hopper payload capacity 1500 lbs.
Hopper volume capacity 11.5 cu. ft.
Weight w/hopper + self-loading shovel 1350 lbs. /1500 palletized
Width 31"
Length w/bucket + operator footplate up 67"
Ground clearance 4"
Turning radius 36"
Engine w/electric start 11 HP Honda GX
Aux. Hydraulic power take-off 3-3⁄4 g.p.m
Length - bucket up / bucket down 60" / 80"
Height 56" / 44.5"
Width 28" / 32"

Owners manual

Carry 107 TT product data sheet


IMER Carry 107 Tracked Loader

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