The IMER Prestige Pump is a masterpiece of pump engineering in a small package at a very reasonable price. The Prestige is a diesel powered multi-purpose pump and spray machine with a built in 6.3 cubic foot hydraulic mixer and onboard compressor for spraying. The military spec control panel integrates all these functions in one location to allow operators to quickly and easily learn to operate the pump. 

There isn't a pump on the market today that even comes close to matching the Prestige for its versatility and ease of operation. Designed to use different rotor/stator combinations, the Prestige can pump a variety of materials including up to 3/8" aggregate. Look at the list of features below and you will see advanced integrated engineering everywhere to make your job application a success.

  • Look at these features:
    •  24HP Yanmar Tier4 Final Diesel Motor 
    • 2L6 Rotor/Stator 
    • 6.3 CF hydraulic powered mixer with hydraulic dump
    • Patented QUIK MIX paddles give fast mixing of all materials
    •  Integrated Onboard 14CFM Air compressor for spraying applications
    • Heavy-duty hydraulic cooling system
    • Agitation auger in the hopper keeps material flowable to pump
    • Low overall height and wide track for safe towing
    • Integrated military spec control panel runs pump, mixer, and compressor
    • Safety sensors on all grates designed to stop paddles and pump auger if opened
  • Each Prestige comes standard with:
    • 1 - 33' 35mm material hose
    • 2L6 rotor/stator
    •  50mm to 35mm Cam Lock Reducer
    • Metal accessory & tool box
    • Pressure gauge
    • 2 - clean out sponges
  • Optional Equipment:
    • Hydraulic power washer system
    • Aqua Control electronic water meter system
    • IM25L rotor/stator for pumping course aggregates up to 3/8" minus
    • 50mm (2" ) Material Hose for pumping 3/8 minus aggregates
    • 60.12 rotor/stator for Hi Flow self leveling, and Shotcrete. 
    • Vibrating Grate
    •  164 foot wired remote control 
    • 35mm Spray Gun for Mortar/Stucco
    • 25mm Spray Gun for Mortar/Stucco (requires whip hose)
    •  Shotcrete Gun

Prestige Material Pump w/ Mixer & Sprayer
Motor Yanmar Tier 4 3cylinder diesel   
Max power 24hp @ 2400rpm
Maximum aggregate size 1/4" 2L6 rotor/stator
Maximum pumping pressure 580 psi 2L6 rotor/stator
Variable flow rate - cubic yards per hour 0-4.5 2L6 rotor/stator
Optional rotor / stator IM25L 3/8" aggregate
Optional rotor / stator 60.12 Self leveling underlayment
Pump hopper capacity 7 cubic feet
Hydraulic mixer capacity 6.3 cubic feet
Built in air compressor flow rate 14 cfm
Dimensions  L x W x H 131.5" / 53.5" / 53" -  mixer tilted
Weight 1,653 lbs
IMER PUMP S50 K35 K4 S1201P S120 3P S120a Prestige Booster15

Pumping System


Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Pumping System Hydraulic Piston No No No No No No No Yes
Optional Rotor/Stator Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Portable Y Y Y No No No No No
Towable No No No Y Y Y Y Y

Power Electric

110v 220v 220v3p 220v 1p 220v 3p 220 3p NA NA
Power Diesel NA NA NA NA NA NA Diesel Diesel
Horsepower 1.75 5  10       3 5L / 6.5H 10 20 35

Flow Rate

Cubic Yards / Hour

***** ***** ******       2




2L6 stator



Flow Rate

Cubic Feet / Hour





********* ********* ******** *********** *****
Hose Size MM 25/19 25/35 25/35 50/35 50/35 50/35 50/35 4 inch
Max Aggregate Size 1/4" 1/8" 1/8"







1/4" 2L6

3/8" IM25L

Built in mixer No





Yes VS


Yes VS



Yes Hyd


Built in Compressor No Y Y Y Y No Y No
Optional Compressor Y No No No No No No No
Compressor Flow Rate 9cfm 9cfm 9cfm      9cfm   11cfm NA 14 cfm NA
Built in Power Washer No No No No No No Y Y
Built in Water Pump No Y Y No No No No No
Water Metering System No Y Y No No No Optional No
Hopper Capacity Cubic feet 1.75   4   4   4.25    4.25  4.25      7       7
Weight ( lbs ) 152 561 561 888 900 616 1653 3100
IMER Pump S50 K35 K4 S120 1P S120 3P S120a Prestige Booster15
Field Mixed Mortar Y No No Y Y Y Y No
Pre Blended Mortar Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Repair Mortar (Spray) Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Repair Mortar (Pump) Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Self Leveling Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Slab Jacking Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Grout Injection Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Epoxy Grout Y Y Y Y Y Y Y No
Tuckpointing Y No No No No No No No
Fire Proofing Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Field Mixed Stucco Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Pre Blended Stucco Y Y Y Y Y No Y No
Synthetic Stucco Y No No No No No No No
-3/8" Aggregate Grout No No No No Y Y Y Y
3/4"  Concrete No No No No No No No Y
Ready Mix Shotcrete No No No No No Y No Y

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Prestige Pump Data Sheet
  Prestige Manual
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IMER Prestige 300 Towable Diesel Hydraulic Material Pump Sprayer

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