The Mini Mix 60 is IMER USA's answer to the labor intensive practice of using drill motors and 5 gallon buckets to mix materials. Very lightweight and portable the Mini Mix can go anywhere and allows true one person repair work made easy. Need to mix some mortar in the attic to tuck point a chimney, the Mini Mix 60 is your answer. With its 110v motor gear box drivetrain it is powerful and quiet. If you need production just line up 2 or 3 and have one mixing at all times. The different paddles allow it to mix a variety of materials. The Mini Mix 60 is all about saving time, saving labor costs and saving  your back from being bent over a bucket all day.

Check out these features:

    • Mix mortar, stucco, grout, epoxy, thin set, flooring products
    • Mix up to a 60 lb. batch
    • Use the wheels and handle for easy transport
    • Gearbox drive never needs maintenance
    • Comes with 2 buckets
    • Comes with 2 paddles (flat and round)
    • Powder coated finish inhibits rusting
    • Close the lid and allow the mixer to work instead of holding a drill
    • Use indoors or for tight spaces

Drum Capacity 14 Gallons
Batch output 12 gallons / 60lb bag
Motor rating 3/4 hp 110v  6amp
Paddle speed 55 RPM
Drum Diameter 24"
Machine weight (boxed) 64lbs (70lbs)
Wheel size 4"
Operating dimensions L x H x W (inches) 25 x 31 x 23
Operating dimensions L x H x W (inches) 24 x 18 x 23
Type Barrel Barrel Bucket







Barrel Barrel

Power E/G/D

E only E/G E only E only E/G E/G E/G E/G/D

Power 110v E

1/2hp 1/2hp 1/2hp 2hp no no 1.5hp 1.5hp

Power 220v E

No No No No 5hpSP

5hp 1P

7hp 3p

1.5hp 1.5hp
Power Gas No 3hp No No 11hp 13hp 5.5-6hp 5.5-6hp
Power diesel No No No No No No No 6hp
Drum Size 5CF 5CF 14gal 4.25CF 12CF 22CF 9CF 12CF
Batch output CF 2.5CF 2CF 12gal 3 CF 9CF 16CF 6CF 9.5CF
Batch output lbs 275 200 50 200 800 1600 400 600
Weight lbs 120



64 286 800 1700 525 650
Towable No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Removable Drum Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Poly Drum No Yes Yes No No No No No

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 Mini-Mix 60 Data Sheet
Mini-Mix 60 Manual

MIX ALL 60 110v Portable Bucket Mixer

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