Rubber Paddle Kit NOW INCLUDED in base machine price.

One of IMER USA's legacy products,  the MIX 120 PLUS (previously known as the MORTARMAN 120) is a unique mixer that for 25 years has had contractors falling in love after their first use. I had the honor of selling the very first one in Seattle WA in April of 1992 to a tile contractor with 2000sf of dry pack mortar to mix. Since then thousands have been sold and saved the backs of thousands of contractors.

Making statues in your garage on weekends, the 120 is perfect, need to mix dry pack on the 65th floor penthouse, the 120 is perfect, need to wheel through some small doors to the basement of a building and mix some repair mortar, the 120 is perfect. I have even seen one many many years ago under a Spec Mix material silo. 

The newest version of the 120 is the 120 Plus. It is more versatile, safer, more powerful and now with reverse, and still most of all a very portable machine. With it's 110 volt power requirement, and ability to mix a variety of materials the 120 Plus's mixing performance and value is unmatched. 

The MIX 120 Plus is currently available with either the new DUST CONTROL GRATE that has a smaller opening for material or with the larger open grid STANDARD GRATE. 

Because of its vertical shaft design, the 120 Plus has top to bottom material flow thru with no tilting for discharge. This helps make it the perfect mixing companion to the Small 50 pump and is designed to fit right over the Small 50 hopper.

The vertical shaft design also allows the 120 Plus to mix a wide range of materials. Use it for mixing a very stiff low slump material like dry pack mortar for floors, or regular mason's mortar for bricks, or high strength grouts for concrete pipe joints. Whatever the material, the 120 Plus is the mixer of choice and the only choice for any job in a limited access area or where narrow doors and elevators are involved.

Check out these features:

    • Heavy Duty 2 hp motor runs on 15 amp / 110v power
    • Vertical shaft paddles are gear driven with forward and reverse
    • Batches out 3 cubic feet of material
    • Adjustable legs for various discharge heights
    • Wheels right thru 32" doors
    • 4 wheel laydown design means easy loading into back of truck
    • Heavy duty grate with bag splitter and safety interlock
    • Controlled discharge, take out a hand full, a 5 gallon pail, or a wheelbarrow

Rubber Paddle Kit NOW INCLUDED in base machine price.

The MIX 120 Plus is shipped as seen below without rubber wipers and face plates on the paddle arms. It will be shipped with a Rubber paddle kit as standard equipment that will need to be installed before using. 

IMER Mortaman 120 Plus Drum and Paddles without Rubber Scraper Kit



 VIDEO of the IMER MIX 120 in action: 


Drum capacity 4.5 Cubic feet
Batch output 3.0 Cubic feet
Drum diameter 30 Inches
Maximum aggregate size 3/8 inch
Paddle speed 38 rpm
Electric  motor power rate 110V/60Hz 2 HP
Electric current draw 15 amps
Noise level in operator position 70 dB(A)
Weight 286 lbs
Dimensions L/H/W 33" /50"/ 30"
Type Barrel Barrel Bucket







Barrel Barrel

Power E/G/D

E only E/G E only E only E/G E/G E/G E/G/D

Power 110v E

1/2hp 1/2hp 1/2hp 2hp no no 1.5hp 1.5hp

Power 220v E

No No No No 5hpSP

5hp 1P

7hp 3p

1.5hp 1.5hp
Power Gas No 3hp No No 11hp 13hp 5.5-6hp 5.5-6hp
Power diesel No No No No No No No 6hp
Drum Size 5CF 5CF 14gal 4.25CF 12CF 22CF 9CF 12CF
Batch output CF 2.5CF 2CF 12gal 3 CF 9CF 16CF 6CF 9.5CF
Batch output lbs 275 200 50 200 800 1600 400 600
Weight lbs 120



64 286 800 1700 525 650
Towable No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Removable Drum Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Poly Drum No Yes Yes No No No No No

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Mortarman 120 Plus Data Sheet
 Mortarman 120 Plus Manual
Vertical Shaft Mixer - How to Mix User Guide

IMER MIX 120 Plus Portable Vertical Shaft Mixer - STANDARD GRATE

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