How to get answers and help - Updated 7/8/24

Equipment Sales Questions:  Call or Text Mike at 475-235-7388 or email him with questions on availability or to get a price quote at ""

If you are a current IMER Dealer you need to call 800-275-5463 or email IMER Corp at ""



 The fastest way to find out about parts cost & availability is to do the following:

1. You HAVE the parts numbers and a manual / Parts drawings and list.  

Step 1 - Check IMERUSADIRECT.COM website to see if parts listed and if parts are listed you can see availability and pricing and order with a credit card.

Step 2 - If part numbers are not listed on the web site, then text or email the part numbers along with the machine model or description, a photo, if possible, and how soon you need them to Mike: Text 475-235-7388, Email  ""

Step 3 - wait for a same day reply -we try to acknowledge your request within 2 hours.  If you need parts urgently and want overnight shipping please inform us in the very first email. or text. 


2. You DO NOT HAVE the part numbers or a manual / Parts drawings and list. 

Step 1 - Email with an exact machine description, model year, serial number and request the correct manual with parts list and drawing. You can also text this information to 475-235-7388   DO NOT CALL, once all the necessary information is gathered, we will call you back at the number provided or email you the information at the email provided. 

Step 2 - Once you have parts numbers Follow Step 1 above.   If the parts not listed follow Step 2 above.  


3. Regarding parts for older IMER machines (over 15 - 20 years old).  If the part is not listed on the website it can be because it is no longer available.  You can email us an ask about older parts but please be aware it is not always able to be a priority so please be prepared to be patient to receive an answer. 


4. Back ordered parts - While IMER strives to keep all important parts in stock, please be aware that sometimes they can be out of stock for a short time.  We do our best to indicate those back orders on the website.  You can always email for a current update. 

More information regarding how to get answers and order is located further down this page 



Please be aware that does not offer Advanced Technical Support for ANY electrical or mechanical issues. DO NOT CALL US WE CANNOT HELP YOU!

For ALL IMER MACHINE ISSUES Call IMER FACTORY Technical Support at 800-275-5463 ask for Xavier Worley

If you have any questions about your IMER machine that are electrical, mechanical or operational issues involving a control panel or electrical components, gasoline or diesel motors, mechanical breakage or warranty issues, you will need to call the IMER Factory Main Corp Office at 800-275-5463. You can also click on the link below to go directly to their tech support web page,   Click here for IMER Group Tech Support 


IMER USA DIRECT is a PREMIER IMER GROUP Dealer. We sell and provide all parts needed to repair or rebuild your IMER Equipment to good as new. 

We CANNOT and DO NOT give instructions, advice, or opinions on how to repair or troubleshoot any IMER Equipment due to potential equipment warranty voiding issues and insurance liability issues.  As much as we would like to help you, that information must come from the IMER USA Factory Service and Tech support people available at the link above or by calling IMER USA Tech Support at 800-275-5463


Using this website or getting information:


The fastest way to get an answer regarding any question involving IMER equipment or parts availability is to email "" with all the information possible regarding your question. 

You can also text those same questions and information to 475-235-7388. The more information provided the quicker you will receive a complete answer. 

It may take a few hours to get the answer from the IMER Corp Warehouse in TX on the availability of the part or equipment you need but I will acknowledge your request and let you know I am working on it.  

Phone calls and voicemail messages, especially those without any IMER Model information, are the slowest way to get a response.  We are currently understaffed to handle the workload and volume of calls we receive.  Because of that it may take 24 hours or more to return your call and then another 24 hours to find out the answers to the questions you related in your phone call.  

Email or Text - answers in 30 min to 4 hours. 

Phone Call and Voicemail - answers in 24 to 48 hours.

It is your choice. 

 2. Parts Availability:

 We can check on parts availability for your IMER Equipment fairly quickly if you provide as much information as possible.

Be aware that Equipment older than 15 years old may no longer have parts available. 


Due to rising fuel costs please be aware that large increases in freight rates for all sizes of IMER Equipment have occurred. Any orders over $1500.00 that qualify for free shipping MUST GO TO A COMMERCIAL ADDRESS with a loading dock or a forklift to unload.

If a LIFT GATE Delivery is required there will be an additional charge for the Lift Gate based on the size and weight. This will need to be paid before your order is shipped. These is an option to avoid this charge by pick up at the freight terminal. 


4. Parts Ordering - Part Numbers Unknown - not on website 

IMER USA Direct has access to all IMER Equipment Parts that are still available. If the part you need isn't listed on the website just email us for availability and pricing. The most commonly needed IMER parts are listed here on the website for you to order and pay with a credit card. We are working each day to expand our parts selection. Again, if you don't see what you need email me at "".   

PLEASE NOTE: If your IMER Machine is over 15 years old, parts availability is very limited. If it was manufactured before model year 2000 parts are 99% likely unavailable. Replacement electric motors for IMER Equipment over 15 years old are not available.  

If you have no idea what the part number is that you need there are PDF manuals here on our website that can be downloaded that show the complete parts breakdown by schematic drawing and have the part numbers listed. You can also go to the main IMER GROUP Website and find the latest manual by just clicking on the link below. 

Manuals - IMER Group | USA (

If a part you need is not listed on the website or if you have questions about a part the quickest way to get an answer is to do the following:

  1.  Email me with your question at:
  2.  Text me your question directly at: 475-235-7388.

For the quickest and most accurate response always include the following information: 

  1.  Your name, location, phone number and email.
  2. The model and description of your IMER equipment.
  3. The serial number, and the date of when it was manufactured which is normally located on a label on the equipment.
  4.  How urgently you need the part (Next Day or no hurry)

I will do my best to get back to you within 60 min if not sooner, but it could be 2 to 3 hours or the next day.

We ask that you try not to call due to the volume of calls we receive. It unlikely we will answer the phone if you call and much easier if you send your question by the above way so we can get an answer for you and either call, email, or text you back. We are only do call backs at the very end of the day or first thing the next morning so be aware of that if you do call and leave a message.

5 " How to Operate" SUPPORT provided by IMER USA Direct 24/7

The 24/7 support we offer at IMER USA Direct is limited to training and advising you on HOW TO OPERATE your IMER Machine and what materials it can cut, mix, pump, or spray.  We can discuss job site set up and work applications and advise you on how to get the most performance and success from your IMER machine. 


Thank you very much for your investment in IMER Equipment.