The Koine 3.1 is the new addition to the Koine family of IMER pumps. This pump can mix and pump both dry and wet materials. It is packed with features that allow it tackle a multitude of applications, yet it is compact and highly portable, making it perfect for interior or high-rise building work. 

The only machine capable of continuous mixing, spraying, and pumping of pre-blended cementitious and gypsum-based mortars, stucco, fireproofing, self-leveling underlayments, and grouts.THE IMER KOINE 3.1 is designed to be versatile and easy to use even by less experienced operators, thanks to the proven Easy Start system and interactive display.

Suitable for all the premixed products contained in a bag, with a great capability  for fiber reinforced structural mortars, dehumidifying products, products for application and finishing of thermal insulation panels and cement/gypsum/lime based putty.

The IMER Koine 3.1 transformed into a pump for ready-to-use smoothing products in paste, by simply turning a switch on the control panel and adjusting the flow of material to your liking. Single-phase 220V/60Hz 4.5 HP electric motor.
IMER IM250 diaphragm compressor 8.8 cu ft/min removable on board the machine.


IMER Koine 3.1 Continuous Mixer Pump - 4.5hp 240v Single Phase Electric

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