IMER Group Factory Tech Support

IMER TECH SUPPORT  800-275-5463

If you have any question about your IMER machine and mechanical or operational issues that involve control panel or electrical issues, gasoline or diesel motor issues, mechanical breakage or warranty issues you will need to call the IMER GROUP Main Corp Office at 800-275-5463. You can click on the link below to go directly to their tech support web page,

 As an authorized and preferred IMER USA Dealer we sell and can provide all parts needed to repair or rebuild your IMER equipment but we cannot provide technical advice. We cannot give instructions, advice, or opinions on how to repair or troubleshoot any IMER Equipment due to potential equipment warranty voiding issues and insurance liability issues.  As much as we would like to help you, that information must come from the IMER USA Factory Service and Tech support people available at the link above or by calling IMER USA Tech Support at 800-275-5463

" How to Operate"  SUPPORT provided by IMER USA Direct 24/7

The 24/7 support we offer at IMER USA Direct is limited to training and advising you on HOW TO OPERATE  your IMER Machine and what materials it can cut, mix, pump, or spray.  We can discuss job site set up and work applications and advise you on how to get the most performance and success from your IMER machine.