This is the complete mounting kit for the Blue IM25L Rotor/Stator to enable switching between the different IMER Rotor/Stators and the IMER Prestige and Step Up 120 pumps. This mounting kit is required for the Blue IM25L and no other mounting kit will work.  It includes everything shown in the picture.  It does not include the top mounted 50mm pressure gauge 

IMPORTANT NOTE ON 50MM Hose Requirement: When using the Blue IM25L Rotor/Stator for pumping of mixes with 3/8" minus aggregates the 50mm/2 inch size hose must be used. Also the 3/8" aggregate content of the mix cannot exceed 35% of the mix as a ratio with sand and cement.  The Blue IM25L cannot be used with the smaller 35mm/1 3/8 inch hose to pump any 3/8" minus aggregates. 

Rotor/stator ID IM25L
Color  Blue
Fits Pump Prestige & Step Up 120
Max aggregate size ( Must USE - 50MM/2" Hose)  3/8"
Flow rate (cubic feet/hour)
Working pressure 220 psi
Mounting hardware & manifold included Yes
 Part number 1107149

Rotor/Stator IM25L kit complete with mounting hardware for Prestige & Step Up 120 pumps (requires 50mm Hose)

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