The IMER Crawler Access Platform can reach places that most other lifts cannot. It is made to be light and maneuverable with the ability to run on gasoline or 110 volt electric. Reach up to 62' high with a basket payload of 440 lbs. The smart controls will limit your ability to extend too far or exceed the maximum loads. 

Use the IM R19 to get into tight (32" wide) spaces thanks to it's hydraulically retractible tracks. Use the wireless remote to stay a safe distance away from the lift as you move it through tight spaces, uphill and sidehill lies. Get a 360º view around the machine unlike others that are tethered via a cable or require you to push hydraulic levers on the side or inside the basket. 

Once you have positioned the lift to where you want to operate, press a button and the outriggers come down and auto level the unit. To operate the boom controls, flip the switch to "green" and insert the remote control into the basket. Now the functions are from the basket wirelessly. A wired connection is there just in case your battery is low. A spare battery is always charging in it's base on the machine. 

Operate the boom, telescope and rotate. Up to 3 functions are operable at one time. The load sensor on the remote control will tell you the status of your outriggers and the weight and outreach limits of your basket. The lift will not let you extend beyond a safe working capacity. No more guess work! If the alarm is sounded, it will only allow you to retract thus minimizing any dangerous scenario. Once in position, switch off the motor and continue to work on your project whether it be painting, electrical, ceiling repair, tree trimming, inspection, ornament placing and so on. The greatest attribute of these lifts are getting into tight spaces and uneven terrain. Perfect for stadiums and auditoriums, atriums and churches. Use the lift for getting into backyards with small gates. 

The IM R19 complies with the new ANSI standards for 2018. Safety is the upmost importance in a lift. IMER Access Crawler Platform is sold all over the world and adheres to every safety regulation. The unit comes standard with a 12V emergency pump which will allow the lift to retract if the engine runs out of fuel or the 110 V motor is not plugged in. 

The IM R19 comes standard with 110 Volt outlet to the basket as well as auxiliary lines that can be used for air or water. Non marking tracks are also standard. 

Check out these features:

  • Hydraulically adjustable track width
  • State-of-the-art wireless remote control
  • Proportional and simultaneous electro-hydraulic controls
  • Automatic outrigger leveling
  • 360º rotation (not continuous)
  • Basket rotation ± 75°
  • Compact size, with limited overall outrigger footprint
  • Engine guarded for safety and working protection
  • Aluminium platform 55"x27.5"x43.3"
  • Innovative design with fully enclosed structure 
  • Emergency hand pump
  • Cylinder holding valve
  • Hour meter
  • Momentum device
  • Load cell
  • Hydraulic Jib
  • Non-marking rubber tracks
  • 110V - 16 A electro-pump for indoor use
  • Air / Water outlet in the platform
  • 110V - 16 A outlet in the platform
  • Double speed traction
  • 12 V emergency electro-pump
  • Oversized outrigger pads (ø 350 mm)
Working height 42' 6"
Platform height 36'
Side outreach 17ft / 550lbs - 20ft 6In / 308lbs 
Rotation 360° (not continuous)
Basket dimensions 51" x 28" x 43"  
Transport length 12' 4"  / 9' 8" (without basket)
Transport width  4'6" / 2'6"" (without Basket )
Height in stowed position 78 1/4" (with stablizers in position)
Overall outrigger footprint 8'8" / 9' 2"
Driving speed 0 - .93 MPH
Gradeability 17 Degrees  - 30%
Platform capacity 510 lbs.
Electric Motor  230v / 2.9HP
Gasoline Engine Honda GX390 - 11HP 3600 RPM
Total weight of the machine 3,296 lbs.
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IMER ACCESS - IM R13T Tracked Telescopic Atrium Lift

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