This IMER Air Hose is 53 feet long and 13mm (9/16) in diameter. It is a rubber hose with brass geka twist couplings. For use with all IMER pumps equipped with IMER Air Compressors:

1. IMER Mighty Small 50 EVO with Optional Air Compressor 

2. IMER Koine 35 and Koine 4 Equipped with Optional Air Compressor 

3. IMER Step Up 120 1 Phase/ 3phase Equipped with OPTIONAL Air Compressor 

4. IMER Prestige 300 with Standard Built In Air Compressor 

IMER Air Hose 53ft x 13mm (9/16") with geka couplings for IMER Pumps & Spray Machines Part # 1107532

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