The Pull-Up 450 is the ideal hoist for small to medium sized jobs. The hoist is designed to be mounted on a scaffold or track and allow up to 450 lbs. to be lifted up to 160' high. It's powerful 110 Volt motor can handle the rigors of sustained usage. 

Made with quality components and a heavy duty motor ensures that the hoist will perform when you need it. A side post mount comes standard with the Pull-up 450 which allows it to mount on to the vertical posts of the scaffold. The arm allows it to swing in and out easily and safely. A slide out bar extends from 3' to 4'. Make sure you are using at least #6 scaffold pipe when using the slide out feature. 

Mounting options and accessories are what helps to complete the line. Choose your hoist, mounting options and accessories to ensure that you have the right components to get your job done. 

To select the proper hoist, mounting options and accessories, do the following:

  1. Select the hoist based on lifting height and weight requirements
  2. Select the mounting options based on job-site conditions
  3. Select the accessories based on lifting applications and safety
Lifting capacity 450 lbs.
Lifting height 160'
Lifting speed 70 feet per minute
Motor 1.5 Hp / 110 Volts / 14 Amps
Cable rope size 3/16"
Post mount Included
Track trolley Optional
Machine weight 130 lbs.
Pull-Up 450 Pull-Up 650
Lifting capacity 450 lbs 650 lbs. / 1,300 lbs. with pulley kit
Lifting height 160' 220 feet / 110 with pulley kit
Lifting speed 70 feet per minute 70 feet per minute
Motor 1.5 Hp / 110 Volts / 14 Amps 2 HP / 110 Volt / 20 Amps
Cable rope size 3/16" 1/4"
Post mount Included N/A
Track trolley Optional Included (IMER or Beta Max style)
Machine weight 130 lbs. 150 lbs.
Manuals and downloads
  Hoist Selection Guide
Hoist Spec Data Sheet
Pull-Up 450 Manual

Pull-Up 450

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