The IMER Masonry 1000 Saw's big diameter 36" blade and it's abilities to cut most field stone or quarry stone is a big reason it is known affectionately as "The Beast". It is also an outstanding saw for handling the cutting of thick architectural pre cast concrete products. The 10hp electric motor, with enclosed chain drive to the blade, makes lots of torque so the 36" blade is capable of cutting up to a depth of 15" thick.

  • Check out these features:
    • 10 HP 440 volt 3 phase industrial strength motor
    • 36" blade can cut up to 15" deep
    • Enclosed chain drive between motor and blade for maximum torque
    • High strength 1/4" thick steel tray hold pieces weighing 100's of lbs
    • Tray has progressive crank feed system
    • Versatile with smooth and precise plunge cut ability
    • Rigid high strength box steel frame design for rugged longevity
    • Wheel kit allows the MS1000 to be wheeled around by 1 person

Please note that the MS 1000 saw may not come in the color pictured

Masonry 1000 36" Stone Saw *************************
Blade diameter 36"
Arbor shaft diameter  2 1/3" (60mm)
Maximum cutting depth 15"
Maximum cutting length (with plunge) 26" (32")
Motor (big and strong) 10hp 440volt 3 phase
Drive system enclosed chain drive
Blade speed 910 rpm's
Water pan capacity 12 gallons
Self priming centrifugal pump flow 3 gallons per minute
Weight (palletized) 700lbs  (750lbs)
Dimensions L 84"  H 42"  W 74"

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  MS1000 Data Sheet
MS1000 Manual

Masonry 1000 36" Blade Saw for Field Stone / Quarry Stone / Precast Concrete

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