The IMER Spin 15 110volt continuous mixer is the ideal portable mixer for efficiently and quickly mixing all types of pre blended non aggregate material. Mortar one day, stucco the next, or high strength grouts the day after, or make them all in one day without any waste. The IMER Spin 15 is designed to be easily portable and produce just the right amount of material that you need. Its on demand mixing system allows you to mix up to 1 - 50lb bag per minute. 

For flooring contractors the IMER Spin 15 is the ideal mixer solution for making self leveling underlayment or pre blended dry pack mortar beds on demand.

Designed to work with IMER spray machines and grout pumps, it is the perfect companion for semi automatic production.


Check out these features:

    • High Torque 1 3/4 HP 110volt electric motor for optimal start up under full load
    • Mix 1 - 50lb bag per minute of pre blended dry material
    • Adjustable legs for 3 different discharge heights
    • 250lb hopper capacity 
    • IMER maintenance free patented parallel axis gearbox.  
    • Heavy duty grate with bag splitter and safety interlock
    • Patented IMER mixer coupling for easy clean up and disassembly
    • I Dust GRID Dust control grate
    • Water flow meter included. 
    • Optional 110v stainless steel water pump system. PN 1107638
    • Optional fine mortar mixing auger for more material shear time 
Hopper capacity  250lbs - dry material powder
Max Batch output 1 - 50lb bag per minute 
Drum diameter 30 Inches
Maximum aggregate size 1/16th"
Paddle speed 280 rpm
Electric  motor power rate 110V/60Hz 1.75 HP
Electric current draw 15 amps
Noise level in operator position < 65 dB(A)
Weight 187 lbs
Dimensions L/W/H 31.5" /23.5"/ 32.5"


IMER Spin 15 Mixer Data Sheet
 IMER Spin 15 Mixer Manual

IMER Spin 15 110v Electric Continuous Mixer for PreBlended Materials with iDust Grate and Flow Meter

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